Jeremy MacDonald

Jeremy first started diving in Quebec in 1994, then completed his Advanced course in 1999, then completed Rescue Diver and Dive Master in Mexico. He then continued his SCUBA diving training to become a PADI Dive Instructor in Honduras under the guidance of Andy Philips. He has dove on the east coast of Canada, the NWT, British Columbia, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Mexico.  His most memorable dive was finding a lost purse in New Brunswick, reuniting it with its owner, and realizing there was far more sentimental value to this discovery than originally met the eye. He is most happy when he is on a “Jeremy Adventure” and helping people find their lost items.

Claire Mennell

Originally from southern British Columbia, Claire now calls Yellowknife home and has been an avid scuba diver since 2005. She completed her open water, advanced open water, and rescue diver training in Mexico. She recently completed her Divemaster training course and assists Jeremy with courses in Yellowknife. Claire has been diving around the world including Fiji, Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand, the Northwest Territories and the West coast of British Columbia. Her most memorable scuba diving experience was diving with bull sharks in Fiji and manta rays in Hawaii.


Fred Mossman

Fred started diving in 2003 in Hawaii and progressed to get his Advanced open water in Victoria in 2003. Fred has been diving around the world including Hawaii, Saipan, Fiji, Seychelles, Australia, New Zealand, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Diving amongst the black coral forests of Fiji is Fred’s most favorite dive experience to date.


Chris Newman

Chris started diving in 2009 and did most of his training in the Caymans. He has progressed from his open water diver to become a rescue diver. He has been diving in the Caymans, Quadra Island on the westcoast of British Columbia, Mexico, and the Northwest Territories. Chris dove in Pavillion Lake in BC and was able to see fresh water coral/stalagmites that NASA researches.

Eric Salter

Eric started diving at the turn of the millennium (2000). Certified ACUC Open Water, and Ice Diver; and PADI Advanced. He had lots of plans to dive all over the world, but was only able to dive Canada and Mexico so far. He love problem solving while conducting recovery. For instance, when he had to devise a way to environmentally recover a snowmobile at the foot of a waterfall. How do you deal with current, zero visibility, and an uncertain location, in a lake lost in the Quebec woods? Eric knows!