Coming summer 2020! We will be offering scuba diving day expeditions in and around Yellowknife. Although some of our water ways are murky and visibility can be poor, there are still beautiful things to see in our water.  If you want to get into the water and aren’t too fussed about visibility then we can certainly show you our favorite spots. Lets find a pike in its natural habitat. See below some photos from some of our favorite dive sites including Yellowknife River Bridge, Cameron River and Tartan Rapids.


Yellowknife River Bridge

At a max depth of 33 feet fresh water clams can be found filtering at the base of the bridge, while pike and whitefish swim by. There are often many treasures to be found at the bottom from people jumping off the bridge. If you keep your eyes open you never know what you might find!! 

Cameron River

A beautiful drive out the Ingraham Trail at kilometer 64 leads you to a small set of rapids with a beautiful pool to scuba dive in. With a max depth of 14 feet this shallow dive is beautiful with some rapids to play in and beautiful flowing grass in the eddy. Around the rapids can be found treasures from people flipping their canoes in this area.

Tartan Rapids

A short boat ride from prosperous lake leads you to a beautiful set of rapids where locals enjoy some amazing fishing. Diving below the falls there are many pike and whitefish. If you time things right you can even see the arctic grayling migrating through this area.